June 4, 2017

The Sleepy Hollow Fire Department strongly encourages the use of a Knox-Box for our residential and business owners in our Village. This system provides the safest and quickest way the Fire Department, Police & Ambulance can gain access to the building during an emergency event.
A Knox Box, known officially as the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for Firefighters, Police & EMTs to retrieve in emergencies. Local Emergency services can hold master keys to all such boxes in their response area, so that they can quickly enter a building without having to force entry or find individual keys held in deposit at the station.
Knox boxes shall be installed preferably at the main entrance, and at a location and height that allow them to be readily accessible. Circumstances such as the size of the property, nature of any hazards, etc., may warrant the need for additional boxes to be located on the same property.
A “set” of keys could be one master key to all entrance doors and interior rooms. If no master key is available, then each set should include building entrance key(s), keys to special use rooms such as electrical/mechanical rooms, fire alarm control panel room, fire sprinkler riser room, elevator equipment room, rooms that may contain hazardous material storage, etc. If the building has an elevator, each set should also include an elevator key.

Hyperlinks: KNOXBOB.COM
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